In 1999, four CPAs decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Working together, they thought “we can do better”, and took the risk of opening their own firm. Along with 10 others, Atchley & Associates, LLP was born. 

Folding tables and chairs were all they had in their temporary setup, but that did not stop this small group of people from working together and creating something extraordinary. The first years were challenging, yet fun and rewarding all at the same time. Their hard work paid off as the A&A team became invaluable to clients and one another. 
The risks of trying new ideas and thinking “outside the box” set the tone for how the A&A culture came to life.

The same principles with which this firm started, apply today: 

  • Be a firm where everyone’s efforts are rewarded appropriately & equitably
  • Everyone in the firm has a voice in how we operate and develop client relationships
  • Commitment to skill development and career progression for every team member, regardless of position
  • Creation of an exciting environment where people enjoy coming to work
  • Pride and consistency in every piece of work we do
  • Cultivation of a united partnership rather than a group of individuals sharing an office

​Our vision of growth and prosperity wouldn't be possible without our amazing clients and team. Karen, Dan, Jim and Nancy had a goal of "growing CPAs" by introducing team members to every opportunity possible, and that goal continues today. We hope you are ready to grow with us. 

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