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     Corporations and S Corporations

     Employee Benefit Plans

    Choice of entity and structuring


    International tax consulting and planning

    International business is a new norm in today's investment arena. As a U.S. citizen or resident, you are generally taxed on

    your worldwide income; however, there are certain foreign tax credits and exclusions which may apply that could lower or

    eliminate taxes on foreign income. Certain tax treaty benefits may also apply based on the country in which you reside or in

    which you earn income. Additionally, under the relatively new Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), there are

    requirements for reporting income held in foreign bank and investment accounts with severe penalties for non-compliance.

    Whether​ you are a U.S. citizen working overseas, a partner in a foreign partnership, or  U.S.-based foreign national working in

    the U.S., we can help you navigate the foreign tax compliance landscape.

    Charitable contributions, Gift, and Estate Planning

    Cost segregation studies

    Planning related to tax deferred exchanges​