Atchley & Associates, LLP has professionals highly experienced with the unique needs of churches and religious organizations. Whether is with board members, members of the congregation or outside third parties, we are ready to provide our expertise, regarding your consulting and financial reporting and operational requirements.

We are known for this niche, which we consider is a continuation of the work we do for non-profit entities. Our experience with religious organizations has made us understand that GAAP, or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, may not always be the answer to churches. This allows us to be creative when developing financial statements and to serve as a bridge between the churches, their congregation, and outside third parties.

Best practice implementation becomes relevant in this niche, since the financial operations of many churches operate similarly to one another.

Our services include:

     Financial statements

     Audits & compilations

     Agreed-upon procedures

     Compliance issues unique to churches

     Internal control

     Payroll and bookkeeping services





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