The CountUsIn competition provides the opportunity for innovative non-profits and businesses focused on social good to apply for pro-bono services during their early stages of building their business [Tax/Bookkeeping/Consulting. Excludes Attestation, Audit] 

Businesses are shifting their focus towards socially-conscious initiatives. Our vision of helping the community and empower entrepreneurship and innovation has made us take a step forward towards assisting these early-stage businesses that might need guidance and mentorship in those hard early stages that most businesses face. 

Atchley & Associates, LLP is offering the winning team 1 to 3 years of support services with gradual sliding scale fees for services including tax, bookkeeping, and consulting [excludes attestation and audit.]

  • First year -- 75% discount
  • Second year -- 50% discount
  • Third year -- 25% discount

** Up to standard rate services of $7,500/yr

CountUsIn Award Competition [pdf]

​Ready to apply? Apply online today. 

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